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Not enough space for new products

Offshore product development

offshore product developmentLast week my mom and dad bought a storage for our backyard. The storage supposed to be a place where we can keep all unnecessary stuff from our house. But it’s only sounds simple – in reality it’s harder than we thought.  My mom said than she definitely need more space in her bedroom, just like my dad, but they can’t stop keeping old stuff in our house… personalyl i think that this is some kind of disease.

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No win no fee and lawyers

No win no fee

no win no fee in Scotland

In Scotland is a lot of cases like no win no fee, becuase in this country people have so many accidents and they don’t know what to do after this. Maybe if they will know some good lawyers, they will understand the way – how it works!

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My storage disappeared

storage Edinburgh is behind our house.Well, one day me and my wife decided to do a big changes in our house, so we were very mobilized to do this! However – I can honestly say that this is probably 5th furniture change in our house… Isn’t that weird? Say it to my wife! She loves changes, she love design but she is not a deisgner, she is definitelty crazy about it! I really accepts her moods and her wishes. Well, back to the main thing – We decided to buy a new furniture – scandinavian style, a lot of wood, white colours and lamps.

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Blue colour is the best

roofers Edinburgh likes a blue colourMy favourite colour is blue, but my sister prefers a pink and i have no idea why she do this. I hate pink colour because it’s just too much for me and in my opinion this colour is so ugly i can’t even look at the walls in her room. It’s very funny because her every dress, room and stuff is pink. I can even say – her world is pink, pink is everywhere and i can’t imagine how she can live in her world full of pink colour.

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Furniture protecting

How should we protect our bespoke furnituretable from bespoke furniture Edinburgh? Protecting can be really difficult, because people don’t realize how hard it is. What detergents should we use? Nobody knows. There is only a few specialist who can answer this question.

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A new way in business.

a new thing - video conference roomThere is something new in a business. it’s called a video conference room – probably the best soultion for everyone who want to take a step into the future in his company. Who will ever expect that one day we will see each other via tv screen and we will be able to talk? This is absolutely amazing and breath taking.

Well, many of us are not so into the new technology but this is something what everyone can do. How amazing is that? An ordinary people, like you or me – we are able to do absolutely fantastic thing. Is the world ready for it? Hope, yes! This big step for humanity seems to be our destination. This could be great!

So, how should we do this possible? Well, video conference room is something what we really like and what we need i n the company. This is technological “must have”. Can you imagine talk to each other by using a webcam? How do you feel with that?

BMW M5 – True Grace in Edinburgh taxi


Taxi from Edinburgh airport

BMW M5 is a vehicle of highest quality and design. Recently BMW have released their new model. It is all due to the anniversary edition called “30 Jahre”. The first M5 model was presented in 1984 in Amsterdam.

Distinctive featureof the vehicleis to be the colour in which is he painted: Individual Frozen Dark Silver. Next ultimate thing are chrome wheels and leather upholstery Merino. M5accelerates to 100km /hin4.3 seconds. It is maximum speed is 305 km per hour.

The car will be released in limited number of specimen 300 at all. One of those copies will serve as cab in taxi from Edinburgh airport.

Audi A5 – Classical Beauty

Audi A5 is so luxury car produced by Audi Company. Available as a coupe or convertible, and since September 2009 as a five-door liftback called the Sportback (my favourite!). Coupé version was in 2007 at the same time presented at the Melbourne International Motor Show and Geneva. Audi A5 main competitors are the BMW 3 Series Coupe and Mercedes-Benz CLK, but you can not be sure which one of them is better.

Model A5 is structurally based on the fourth generation A4.. In the model, the Audi A5 has adopted the new technology MLP (Modular Longitudinal Platform) which will characterize the next generation of Audi. This classical, unusual model borrowed many elements from the Nuvolari concept model, which had engine bi-turbo V10 with 600 hp. Because of that you can drive his as a real sport driver even if you’re just a normal girl.

A lot of people loves Audi because it’s an incredibly good cars that rarely break down. Good adhesion, powerful engine and a luxury design – these characteristics contribute to the ever growing popularity of Audi cars.

Cheers, Majka!

Baby stuff in car

If you want to buy special baby stuff, very comfortable to use in car, now you are able to! Everything because MyKids2YourKinds company, which offers special nipples, car toys, guitar instruments and a lot of more.

Video Conference from BMW rally

From 5-7 may, if you will be in Edinburgh, West Lothian, and you will have some free time, it is necessary for you to go to the Edinburgh hall, where you will find incredibly innovative video conference room, where everybody would have chance to see the newest, sport BMW model, which is still chinese experimental model, avaible only to serious constructors, so don’t waist more time, and check this out! :)

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